Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Still Moving

 I did manage to get a nice full tank of propane from my neighbor propane guy.  The furnace is running full tilt in the mornings now.  I have made a couple of trips down to Quartzsite, with the keys in my pocket, and started turning on the air conditioner there set up to 90*, and last time I turned on the fridge.  Everything seems to be working fine so far.  I'm now pulling things out of the far corners of the current rig and sorting the things I've had out on the patio to pack away.  Luckily the heat seems to have mellowed in Quartzsite and it was actually comfortable there on Monday.

I worked driving shuttle for a wedding, which is kinda my part time job in the summers.  I didn't get home until after midnight.  That is probably the last wedding I'll drive for this year.  I'm ready to move on.  I usually am ready for something new when it comes time to move to the 'other' spot.  Usually happy to get back again when the seasons change.  I did go over and meet my new neighbors while I was in Quartzsite and they seem nice, like we will be good neighbors.  The propane situation there is that I need to procure one or two 20# tanks, and Patti's Propane will come get them and fill them and bring them back for $10.  I'll stop by there and start the process when I'm back.  Heat isn't so much an issue there now but having hot water is.

I'm ready to be moved and have life slow down. 

Friday, October 20, 2023

Changing Seasons, Shifting Gears

 I have been mentally writing a post for a couple of weeks.  Time to get it posted.

I spent most of the end of September and beginning of October in Southern Utah.  I spent 10 days in Escalante camping in a campground with one set of friends, and 6 days camping in a campground in Moab with another set of friends.  I slept in the car.  Lessons learned are that I sleep very well with my setup in the Mazda 3.  Also, as the temperature drops I tend to stop any and all cooking and turn to restaurants for meals instead.

By the end of the month I need to have moved everything I need for winter from up here at 5K' down to Quartzsite where it will hopefully be warmer for the winter.  I already moved the '95 motor home and put it in the RV park.  I made the first of a few trips with the car to take liquids (mostly cleaning supplies) that shouldn't freeze.  Unfortunately, I neglected to grab the keys for that motor home so ended up putting what would fit into the unlocked side bins.  Tomorrow I will go  again, this time with what didn't get left before, some clothes, some food, and the keys.  The plan is to make a couple more trips, then on the 30th move the pets, come back on the 31st and winterize this '98 motor home and move it to the (cheaper) storage spot, and spend a few weeks settling into the winter home.

At first I was annoyed by having 2 'homes' as it seemed like whatever I needed was in the other place.  After the difficulties I had on moving day taking the winter home from my previous spot in Apache Junction to the new Quartzsite spot I was counting my blessings that I no longer have to drive between spots twice a year.  More specifically, I don't have to put the car on the tow dolly and take it off, which I never have managed to do by myself.  The on-going plan is to outfit both places with the necessary things so I mostly just move clothes, food and pets.

And, with less than 2 weeks left here I think I just ran out of propane.  I need propane to have hot water.  I will ask my propane guy to just sell me a 7lb bottle to get through.  Maybe.  I also have to find propane in Quartzsite as I want to use a 100# tank instead of driving over every couple of weeks to fill the 18 gal onboard tank.  My understanding is that the gas company isn't allowed to fill onboard tanks inside the park.  Guess I'll look into that next time I'm down there.

That's what has been going on.