Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Nope, didn’t go

Since the main draw of going to Lake Havasu is kayaking in the lake for me, I decided to put the trip off until it warms up again.  I also had forgotten when I made the original plan that I have to be at the Lodge on Friday night.  The schedule got a bit to crowded.  If it warms up even a little next week I’ll go then.  In the meantime, I will get out around here.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A Trip!

It hit me a day or so ago that I have no (well, few) obligations right now.  There are no disasters happening currently.  I am way too wound up over a trip I have completely planned for near the end of next month.  When I started pondering starting to pack for that trip 6 weeks out, I immediately decided that I need a shorter trip to keep me occupied.

In a discussion with friends earlier Lake Havasu came up, and I decided that was a good place to head for a night.  Take the kayak, camp or sleep in the car.  It is the stuff I’ve been saying I’m looking forward to when I have time.  Well, right now I’ve got a lot of time.

I then looked at the weather.  What happened to our sunny 70-80 degree days?  And nights in the 30’s???  I will have the kayak with me, but I’m not sure it will get in the water.  I have 2 down sleeping bags, and a down under quilt for the hammock if I decide to use the hammock and stand.  I have thousands of dollars of camping gear that I have not used in maybe 10 years. 

All of that gear is up in Payson in my storage shed.  I’m heading up there today to get it.  Soon.  After I finish a second cup of coffee and have some breakfast, and load up some stuff to put into storage, and…  This is why my body hurts when I move.  I’m putting off getting out and doing things.  I need to just get up off my redacted and get going.  If not now, when?  I’m running out of time.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

I read, therefore I am (an adult?)

I feel like I read a lot.  Most of it the past 15 or more years has been on a computer screen, but the idea is the same.  I think.  I have a friend who doesn’t think it counts if it isn’t a ‘real’ hold it in your hands book.  I am under-educated by his calculation, as I don’t read BOOKS.

Mom reads books.  A lot of them.  She mostly finds them at thrift stores or free ‘take one, leave one’ exchanges.  She mostly like biographies.  She has sent a couple home with me, but I can’t get past the first chapter.  Just not interesting.  She found one, ‘Accordion Man’ by Myron Floren.  He was the smiling accordion player on the Lawrence Welk Show.  I sat down this morning and read it in about 2 hours.  So, I am still a fast reader.  It was light reading, but I enjoyed it.  If you didn’t grow up watching Lawrence Welk it might not be nearly as interesting.

At any rate, I still have ‘it’, when I’m at an age where I’ll take any and all ‘its’ that I can claim.  I am a reader.  I just choose to mostly do my reading on a computer.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

It’s raining. Sort of.

Night before last I was awake for a few minutes just in time to hear rain on the roof.  I think it had quit by the time I fell back asleep.  Then today after I had been out running around I’m sitting here at the computer and I heard rain!  Only for about 5 minutes.  It is cloudy outside, heavy rain type clouds, but that doesn’t usually translate into actual rain here.  It is just enough to splash dust up on my car and make it speckled.

My running around included actually going to the gym and walking.  I don’t have a place to walk here in this RV park, and so I haven’t been getting much exercise.  This is a step(!) in the right direction at least.

I have a bit more than a month to clean and clear out the motorhome.  I want it basically empty of anything I’m not actually using so I can clean it well.  I’m tired of so much stuff just sitting around.  Mom and I are flying back to MO later in March to see my Uncle who has just found out about health issues.  Then I move to Payson.  Then a friend of Mom’s is flying out for a visit with her.  So, this is the calm before the storm.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Laundry day

It has been awhile since I've done laundry. One of the conveniences I gave up by moving to the less expensive RV park is the on-site laundry room. I found this Laundromat last time I did laundry. No more searching for quarters, this place uses a refillable card. Seems to be a busy place, but I found room. There is a pizza place on one side, and ice cream for sale on the other. I am still compliant on my Whole 30 diet, so I can't I dulge this trip.

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Saturday, February 03, 2018

Maiden Voyage

Yesterday I went kayaking in my inflatable kayak for the first time. I met a new friend from RTR at Canyon Lake around 10am. He has a hard sided kayak, and is more experienced than I am. I made a lot of beginner, in a hurry not checking details type of mistakes, but even with that I enjoyed it. There weren't a lot of people around, probably because the road out there is in really bad shape due to road construction. Once we got back in the cove, though, there were several folks in kayaks paddling about. After about 2 hours I could tell my arms were going to just get weaker, so we headed in. I was also sitting in water for a couple of reasons to do with seat placement and forgetting to put the rings on the paddles to stop water from running down the shaft into the boat while paddling. It was a really nice day, not much wind and mostly sunny with just enough cloud cover to keep the sun from being too bright. As we bobbed along slowly, leaned back using the front of the kayaks to rest our feet in the sun, we wondered why anyone lives anywhere else. Happy Groundhog Day.

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