Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Doing Not Thinking Update

Last week I did well with my project. I walked the rest of the week at lunch. Two days I did longer walks, walking the entire hour and covering 3+ miles. The other two days I did about a mile. I was able to do this because I had enough food as leftovers that I could take my lunch. Taking my lunch to work for 3 days in a row was also some kind of record for me.

This past weekend I got little to nothing accomplished, other than sleep. So, with no food cooked and my motivation down, I drove off post for lunch yesterday. Today my coworker, Lori, decided to walk with me to the coffee shop on post for lunch. Problem was, I'd decided to forget walking today again, and just drive over. She laughed, and then guilted me into walking. It felt good to walk, but after lunch we both wanted naps.

I have a range of choices of what to do next weekend. There are at least 3 things around here that I would like to do, or I can go camping in the Olympics as I have been saying I was going to do. The weather will play a large part in my decision. It started raining again tonight. The rain this weekend was a lot of why I stayed in and slept. Sun is good. Rain is getting old.

The cats keep getting rambunctious lately, running from end to end of the trailer, wrestling at all hours of the night with each other, trying to climb the walls (with no claws they can't leave marks, thank goodness) and just generally being rowdy. I hope they calm down some. I'm almost to the end of this bag of food. I get them Science Diet, but I got a different type last time. I think I'll go back to the original one and see if that helps. I have decided that the wrestling and fighting seems to be an even match. Even though Ce Ce is twice the size now of Micki, Micki is as likely to initiate it as Ce Ce. I have shut them out of my bedroom at night when they won't settle down, so they pretty much quiet down in there now if I'm trying to sleep. They need the kitty cat version of Chucky Cheese or McD's playground to burn off some of this energy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Doing Not Thinking

Over at Two Frog Home ( twofroghome.com ) she is having a group challenge called Doing Not Thinking. We are to pick a goal, and report on our progress in our blogs each Tuesday with a wrap-up on September 20. I said in her comments that I was up for it. So, guess I'm in for a challenge.

My Goal: To be able to run/jog a mile without having to stop and walk. An alternative to that would be to be walking at least 5 miles a day 3 days a week.

Plan: There is a track of sorts around the airfield at work that the soldiers use in the early mornings for PT. It is 4.3 miles long from what I was told today. At lunch today I spent about 15 or 20 minutes and walked to one corner from our parking lot and back, about a mile altogether as estimated by a couple of the soldiers I work with. I already have plans to take in my lunch and then walk for a half hour, trying for 2 miles a day. After work I could walk the entire thing, which I'll start maybe next week. As I walk more, I will start jogging some of it.

Issues: I twisted my ankle about 8 weeks ago, and I have real pain in my inner thigh on that leg. I'm not sure if I should stretch it, or let it rest (even though it's been 8 week already). I think it does better when I stretch it. So far it doesn't hurt when I walk, but I can tell that my entire body is out of alignment from favoring that side of my body since the injury.

So, tomorrow I will take my lunch to work. I already have food to take, and I went grocery shopping and have food for lunch the rest of the week, more or less. This week should work out fine. Another issue may be the constant rain. It's been sunny her for 3 days in a row. I keep hearing that the summers here are really sunny. It's supposed to start raining here again tonight. I'll see how my enthusiasm lasts when it's wet out.

I apologize if there are glaring mistakes in this post. I'm enjoying a glass of wine...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Went Somewhere

Drove about 9 hours of 'somewhere', saw the circumference of about half of the Olympics. Highway 101 entirely circles the Olympics. I took a northern route to get over there, and drove over the Narrows bridge (near Gig Harbor, where I got lost... don't want to talk about it...), and then over the floating bridge across Hood Canal. I also took Hwy 112 from Port Angeles over to Hwy 113, dropped down it to 101 and took 101 the entire way South to Olympia. I'll leave the West and South sides for another time soon.

I finally found an area I really enjoyed out here. I have a plan, really several plans. I think that I need to get out to a few of the small 'rec area' campgrounds for an overnight and just car camp. Need to make sure I can use my hammock in those campgrounds.

I only stopped at one place, but I talked to a volunteer there. She didn't work for the campground so she couldn't tell me the policies about hammocks, and no one from the campground was around. I did find out that my yearly pass I bought at Mt. Rainier will get me into the area I stopped, saving me $15. I need to hit 7 Federal parks or sites that charge that $15 to pay for the pass. I still need 6, since I didn't actually hike into the Refuge where I stopped today.

I'm tired now. I'll see how I bounce back, and make my plans for next weekend accordingly.


Why am I sitting here on a rare sunny Sunday morning, reading about others going out hiking/camping? I complain that I'm not having fun 'out here'. I complained that I had 'too much to do' when back 'there'.

Yesterday I did clear out the shed, and I cooked. I'm going to go take a shower, eat breakfast, and then I'm heading out. Somewhere. I have a nice new 4WD Jeep, enough money for gas, no real responsibilities. No excuse.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Motivation. I need some. I am totally frustrated with my life out here. And there is no reason I can't stage myself to be ready for some kind of change. I need to stage myself for change, because when I'm this unhappy or frustrated the Universe conspires to hand me that change even if I don't consciously do it myself.

Small, easy steps. First I want to get out and clean out my small shed here. Most of the stuff in it isn't mine, it was left by prior tenants. I need to see if there is anything that should be just tossed, anything I can donate, and then talk to the manager about what to do with the rest.

I made muffins, the last package of the mixes I had on hand. I have a scratch muffin recipe now, and just need to buy some flour. Making a grocery list. Along those lines, I read a journal a few weeks ago about someone who spent $1/day on food, not letting herself use food she already had in her pantry. She did it, no reason I can't do it using my pantry food. The idea is not even so much to save money as it is to clean out the darn pantry. Tonight I'm thinking salmon patties (I still have 2 cans of salmon to use up), a can of the potatoes doctored up somehow, and some of the dehydrated vegetables I bought, mixed up in some combination.

It's sunny. Tomorrow I'll drive out to a new area. Today I wanted to work on the place, and I've gone through 3 of the plastic tubs. At least I know what is where now. Most of them aren't full at this point, so if/when I move I have room to pack a lot of stuff in them. The trick is to be down to the level of stuff that will pack into them. Then it would be easier to move. Or fit into an RV. Or even just stay here.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

It's a rainy Easter Sunday. I slept in, and now have a headache. It's going away since I took an Advil and am drinking coffee. I decided against going anywhere this weekend, enjoying the time at home. Yesterday I took down the hammock I'm sleeping in, cleared out the rest of the floor space that was cluttered with things that didn't go in there, vacuumed, then moved the air mattress in. It didn't hold air long enough for even a nap. So, another thing gone. I put up the hammock again and slept in it last night.

I have my backpacking pack exploded out onto the living room floor. There are a couple of pieces of custom gear that I have the parts to and I need to assemble. I would like to have my pack ready to just toss into the Jeep when I decide to take off. Put water in the platys, stuff the sleeping bag and underquilt, add food and go. Go where, I'm not sure...

I have the parts to make my gravity flow water filter. I just need to cut some tubing to length and put it together. Oh, and test it. I also have the pieces to make a custom coffee/freezer bag cooking setup with plastic ziplock containers. May do that today. I have an aluminized bubblewrap windshield reflector that I bought cheap to use as insulation in my original hammock that's not needed since I got my underquilt. It will be sacrificed to make cozys for the ziplock container to hold heat in while rehydrating the freezerbag cooking type food. That will also keep my coffee hot, and my hands from being burned when I pick it up to drink as the idea is that the container will do double duty. Not sure what I'll do if I'm rehydrating breakfast while wanting coffee. Hmmm.

I unpacked the last suitcase of clothes brought out here yesterday. I didn't get rid of any of it yet, but it is at least in view now. I am to the point of opening the many colored large plastic totes and starting to go through them. I know of a few things already that I plan to get rid of. Friday I bought an over-the-door ironing board that I put on the back of the door to where the washing machine would go if I had one. I need to find my iron (and give away the other two) because there are a few items that need pressing. I don't do that too often, but working around and with army guys, especially the old school ones, ironing is a thing for them. I can get rid of my large ironing board back in Nashville when I go back, too.

I'm sorting through piles of papers, getting rid of what no longer is needed and noting where I put ones that may be needed later. I need to find the name of the real estate agent who sold my last house and start the process of putting my house in Nashville on the market. I am being 'gently' persuaded to move on this by Nancye who listens to me wailing about my situation only so long before she starts nudging me along to actually do something about it. :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Time Flys

I have written here lately because I've been kinda in hermit mode. I need/want to get out and about, but nothing around here so far trips my trigger. I did drive out to Mt. Rainier a couple of weeks ago, and the road was closed because of the snow. Went again last weekend and made it up to Paradise. From there down to several miles outside of the park it was solid snow, so no hiking. Also, only the one road up was open, so no real exploring to be done, either. It was an ok trip, and the park really isn't far away. Almost close enough to run out after work as the daylight hours increase. Just need to melt off some of that snow.

I'm looking the other direction, over to the Olympics and the coast on the other side of them for some hiking possibilities. Found an area I really want to explore. Then I did a route finder on it and it's 4 hours away. Not all that bad, but I want to be ready with my gear to stay the night if I like the feel of the place. It's sea level, actually on the coast, so snow shouldn't be an issue now.

The rest is just kinda rolling along. The cats are restless lately. I'm listless and somewhat bored. I'm trying to funnel some of my frustration into sorting and trimming my stuff around here so that I can get moved into something more mobile. I make small steps.

My Dad probably had another stroke today. He's so weak that it's difficult to tell, but he had some kind of spell. It's the slide downhill, and there is not much anyone can do other than keep him out of pain and just stand by and watch.