Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

It's a rainy Easter Sunday. I slept in, and now have a headache. It's going away since I took an Advil and am drinking coffee. I decided against going anywhere this weekend, enjoying the time at home. Yesterday I took down the hammock I'm sleeping in, cleared out the rest of the floor space that was cluttered with things that didn't go in there, vacuumed, then moved the air mattress in. It didn't hold air long enough for even a nap. So, another thing gone. I put up the hammock again and slept in it last night.

I have my backpacking pack exploded out onto the living room floor. There are a couple of pieces of custom gear that I have the parts to and I need to assemble. I would like to have my pack ready to just toss into the Jeep when I decide to take off. Put water in the platys, stuff the sleeping bag and underquilt, add food and go. Go where, I'm not sure...

I have the parts to make my gravity flow water filter. I just need to cut some tubing to length and put it together. Oh, and test it. I also have the pieces to make a custom coffee/freezer bag cooking setup with plastic ziplock containers. May do that today. I have an aluminized bubblewrap windshield reflector that I bought cheap to use as insulation in my original hammock that's not needed since I got my underquilt. It will be sacrificed to make cozys for the ziplock container to hold heat in while rehydrating the freezerbag cooking type food. That will also keep my coffee hot, and my hands from being burned when I pick it up to drink as the idea is that the container will do double duty. Not sure what I'll do if I'm rehydrating breakfast while wanting coffee. Hmmm.

I unpacked the last suitcase of clothes brought out here yesterday. I didn't get rid of any of it yet, but it is at least in view now. I am to the point of opening the many colored large plastic totes and starting to go through them. I know of a few things already that I plan to get rid of. Friday I bought an over-the-door ironing board that I put on the back of the door to where the washing machine would go if I had one. I need to find my iron (and give away the other two) because there are a few items that need pressing. I don't do that too often, but working around and with army guys, especially the old school ones, ironing is a thing for them. I can get rid of my large ironing board back in Nashville when I go back, too.

I'm sorting through piles of papers, getting rid of what no longer is needed and noting where I put ones that may be needed later. I need to find the name of the real estate agent who sold my last house and start the process of putting my house in Nashville on the market. I am being 'gently' persuaded to move on this by Nancye who listens to me wailing about my situation only so long before she starts nudging me along to actually do something about it. :)

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