Saturday, May 28, 2022

Chapter Closed

 Mom's memorial was yesterday.  It was a beautiful day after days of rain here in Missouri.  The chairs tended to sink into the ground during the graveside service.  The younger cousins kept hold of the older cousins to keep them from toppling out of their chairs as the back legs sunk further into the ground on the sloped area around the grave.  Jack, the funeral director, is a family friend and he did a wonderful service, possibly shortened from his usual as folks kept sinking in front of him.  Mom would have loved it.

I'll head back after the weekend.  Callie dog and I drove out in the Mazda.  It has been fun catching up with the cousins.  I'm pondering what I want to do now.  I have a lot of stuff to sort and get rid of now.  That will be the primary focus for the rest of the summer.