Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Changing things around. Again

I was up at the storage unit Monday getting my summer shorts and short sleeve tops back out.  The air conditioner has been going all day, although it does go off for the evenings and nights.  That is how I know it is fall in the Valley.  The furnace hasn’t been on since the morning I left up north.

It is nice to be back where I have virtually unlimited water from the tap, unlimited (30 amp) electricity, propane fill a phone call away (for a price).  I am taking showers in my own shower again, rather than borrowing Mike’s or Mom’s showers.  I’m washing dishes in the kitchen sink rather than in dish tubs so I can dump the water on Mike’s compost pile rather than into my grey water tank.  I have EMPTY tanks!  The sewer connection is right there!.

I’m pretty sure I’ll renew my annual rent here in December.  I will only live here 5-6 months a year, but it is nice to have a place to come ‘home’ to.  Even with the traffic noise and sirens and heat if I come back a bit too early.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

What have I done?

From running the furnace this morning up at 6000' to an increasingly warmer drive down to the Valley to the indoor thermometer reading 106* while the air conditioner tries to bring the temp down, I'm wondering if I'm still too early.  

Backed myself into the spot with many back and forths.  Knocked down a dry water spigot (one that is dripping water is next to it), which has my managers now promising to be here shortly.  The one I knocked down is the one I used last year, but it is rotted at ground level.  One that is dripping water has very rusted threads.  Mike will be here tonight and we can get a wire brush or something to clean it if the manager doesn't get me hooked up.

Welcome home.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

On the Road Again

Soon.  Later this week I’ll move back down to the Valley.  It was still 100* yesterday when i was down there, but I have hopes that it will cool off quickly.  I’m ready to be near people again. 

I have my car back, and I went down yesterday and had the other 3 tires replaced.  I needed new tires at the time of the wreck (not a factor in the wreck…) and one tire was damaged so the insurance replaced it.  Now all 4 are new, and the rest of the damage is fixed, and I have a nice, like new car.  Hopefully I can keep folks from running into me for awhile.

I have new insurance on the ACA exchange until the end of the year.  I’ve found cheap (generic) places to get both of my prescriptions that don’t rely on insurance.  I was given year long prescriptions for each of them before leaving Mayo.  So, for now I’m good medically.

Today is laundry, and start getting things battened down for the trip back to Phoenix metro.  Bosley is a happy cat now, at least until the motor starts for the trip.  The RV has some this and thats to be be taken care of once I’m back to civilization.  All in all it is time to switch gears and go into fall.