Thursday, October 19, 2017

What have I done?

From running the furnace this morning up at 6000' to an increasingly warmer drive down to the Valley to the indoor thermometer reading 106* while the air conditioner tries to bring the temp down, I'm wondering if I'm still too early.  

Backed myself into the spot with many back and forths.  Knocked down a dry water spigot (one that is dripping water is next to it), which has my managers now promising to be here shortly.  The one I knocked down is the one I used last year, but it is rotted at ground level.  One that is dripping water has very rusted threads.  Mike will be here tonight and we can get a wire brush or something to clean it if the manager doesn't get me hooked up.

Welcome home.


  1. Oh well, you don't need water do you? Definitely a not very welcoming home.

  2. We have found that it is always easier to get warm when you are cold than it is to get cool when you are hot! So yes, you may have come in from the cold a little early!

  3. Oh no, when you get the water hooked up you could always take a few cold showers.

  4. I think you made the move a little too soon but I understand. I did the same sort of move because where I was at started having overnight freezes. It is difficult to find that 'sweet spot' this time of the year and then again in the spring.