Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hammock is Finished

No pictures of the hammock actually finished and hanging. It really never was fully stretched out once it was finished. It is in the back seat of my car rolled up. I had a going away party for one of the good soldiers, one I'll really miss, and I needed to get going as soon as I got the hammock finished. Earlier in the day I had said good by to one of the soldiers that had been down here for a year that I had worked with back at Ft. Lewis. Yesterday was a day of turning the page...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hate the new Blogger

And by Blogger I mean the new interface, not a person. I just now am seeing it for the first time. This may be the brick that breaks the proverbial camel's back for me to switch to my own domain and software. I have started doing some of the detail work behind the scenes. However, my backup by just cutting and pasting ended up corrupted. In my sleep-walking state before vacation I just let it go. Back to work...

Lots of stuff pushing me to get back to my techie roots. Guess I should listen.

As for the hammock, tomorrow I'll tie the ends on. This past week at work was interesting, and a change in duties that is a good thing. I'm working to do a good job so it lasts as long as possible. However, at the end of the day I had no brain cells left to even do the half hour of work to finish the hammock. I will also retrieve my camera from wherever it is and take a picture. :)

I bought the book Getting Things Done. I read it years ago from the library, and finally decided to buy the book and put it into action. So far I'm making list after list, and cleaning off my computer station at home. I'm also getting my inboxes to zero. Down to 1100 from 1400 on my main one. Making a Someday/Maybe folder and a Reference folder sped the sorting. Part of this will also be making a POP account on my home computer to download all my accounts to. This is all also part of the move away from Google - making room on my domain for the blog. It's slow as I'm learning as I go.

This stuff keeps me off the streets and out of trouble, more or less.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Back in Honduras

I was very ready to be back where my stuff has it's own place, and where things stay where I put them. Not as ready to head back to Honduras, but I have been pleasantly surprised. The country seems cleaner, brighter, less poverty-stricken. I know it is just a change in perspective, as well as the rainy season washing things off. But, I'm still more or less in my happy place, and I worked all day. Last vacation I lost my happy place about an hour in to my first day of work when I got back.

I am finally finishing The Hammock. I finished the weaving tonight. I need to neaten up the long ends where I joined the lengths of yarn and tie on the ends temporarily. Then it can come off the support poles where it has lived for (sigh) 15 months. I have had some strange reluctance to finishing it. I am pushing through while I still have all the energy from being back in the States.

Which brings up the fact that while up in the States I didn't have the half sleep-walking lack of energy I am constantly plagued with down here. I also didn't have the fluctuations in being too hot to being chilled to back to too hot that I do here. Then again, the temperature here hovers right around 'comfortable' so it doesn't take a lot to swing things either way. At least for me. I brought back a trunk load of vitamins and supplements. We'll see if they help.

I still need to unpack the luggage. I've caught up with my sleep. I need to see how much damage I did to myself financially (a lot...) and make a new plan. Seems that I have run off the end of the last plan which was to just maintain status quo until I get back from vacation. I'm back.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Better get started...

I am as decompressed as I can get, and a lot poorer. I will slow down on the casino time, and start on the projects. Actually, I got the two major things done already. I showed Mom how to print off an entire email in Gmail, and I feel badly that all I had to do was check help and it is a button right where it should be. She could have been printing a long time ago. Bad technical support daughter. I also replaced my watch. Couldn't find any kind of digital watch in the mall in Teguc, and not a lot here even. I did find one, though, on sale for $10. I'm on the lookout for stashes of small digital (cheap) watches since they seem to becoming extinct.

I stopped by the storage unit yesterday afternoon, but it was too hot to do much. I've let this morning get away from me as well. I am meeting my Uncle at one of the casinos for lunch in a few hours, then I may go for a walk and then go to the storage unit (hopefully as it is getting cooler) and start putting the shelving units together. I got a couple of items out of the unit yesterday, but it was raining hard when I got back home so they are still out in the Jeep. One of them is my older laptop that stays here, and I want to do a health check on it and may take it back and put Ubuntu on it to play with.

I really need to get rid of most of this stuff, as I'm tired of dealing with all of it. However, when I go into the storage unit I don't see 'anything' that I 'want' to get rid of. sigh.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Made It

Went to the casino, which wasn't paying, and rolled in to Mom's around 7am local. It was only 6am by my internal clock. I was up at 9:30 local and going through mail and drinking coffee and talking with Mom. I'm now showered and dressed, Mom is doing same right now, and we will be off somewhere. I want to take a longish walk to work out some of the kinks in my body. The casinos are on the Missouri river, and a couple have nice walking paths along the levees. That is most likely where we will head first. Then to my storage units to see just what I have to deal with. I'm taking it slow and easy.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

On My Way

I'm at the Teguc airport. The plane should land in about an hour, and then we will board, and the process repeats a few times and I eventually get to my Jeep and head out and try to remember how to drive on an interstate and follow my GPS to the casino. That is how I decompress when I get back to the States, sit in the casino, blend in, and just breathe for awhile while pushing buttons and sipping coffee. I can almost feel it, just a few more hours. Tomorrow the responsible parts, taking care of business, sorting items in my storage units, visiting family. Tonight is just for me, though, to remember what life is like back in the States. Note to self: the toilet paper goes in the toilet, not in a wastebacket like down here. That is an amazingly difficult habit to switch...