Monday, September 17, 2012

Back in Honduras

I was very ready to be back where my stuff has it's own place, and where things stay where I put them. Not as ready to head back to Honduras, but I have been pleasantly surprised. The country seems cleaner, brighter, less poverty-stricken. I know it is just a change in perspective, as well as the rainy season washing things off. But, I'm still more or less in my happy place, and I worked all day. Last vacation I lost my happy place about an hour in to my first day of work when I got back.

I am finally finishing The Hammock. I finished the weaving tonight. I need to neaten up the long ends where I joined the lengths of yarn and tie on the ends temporarily. Then it can come off the support poles where it has lived for (sigh) 15 months. I have had some strange reluctance to finishing it. I am pushing through while I still have all the energy from being back in the States.

Which brings up the fact that while up in the States I didn't have the half sleep-walking lack of energy I am constantly plagued with down here. I also didn't have the fluctuations in being too hot to being chilled to back to too hot that I do here. Then again, the temperature here hovers right around 'comfortable' so it doesn't take a lot to swing things either way. At least for me. I brought back a trunk load of vitamins and supplements. We'll see if they help.

I still need to unpack the luggage. I've caught up with my sleep. I need to see how much damage I did to myself financially (a lot...) and make a new plan. Seems that I have run off the end of the last plan which was to just maintain status quo until I get back from vacation. I'm back.


  1. The problem with vacations is that they always come to an end. Make the best of it, the next vacation can't be too far away.

  2. Glad you had a good vacation. When I am rested I always discover new things about myself. A new vision for me....I needed to stop making band-aid plans and move to plans that will get me to living my dreams instead of planning them. Really only a shift in prospective but it really is bringing about big changes for me.

  3. So glad you had a good vacation and that you're back posting for us...can't wait to see pictures of the hammock!

    ~Have a lovely day!