Four Peaks in snow

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Fear is hitting pretty badly right now. I am taking care of the 'last minute' details, but the details pop up faster than I have time or energy to handle them. Mom found a close by place that I can rent a 14' truck to move with. That way I won't be spending Saturday morning worrying that not enough trucks will show up. Space is more my concern than strong bodies at this point, hense the truck. I packed two more drawers of clothes, the underwear. I am a bit concerned that my clean underwear and my clean work clothes end up at the same house at the same time. Not terribly concerned which house it is, just that I don't end up without one or the other come Monday morning.

Tonight I drain the waterbed, wash the bed clothes, buy dog food, go to the new house and get the 12 cup coffeemaker that I already moved over there cause I don't use it much. My helpers may want coffee in the morning, and we will be over here at that point. I need to figure out the cooler thing. I have a large cooler what will be my fridge till I can afford to buy appliances for the new house. I have a small chest freezer to keep ice going for it. I need iced down drinks at the new house in the afternoon. sigh. Guess I'll shop Friday night for sandwich stuff and drinks and buy some bagged ice, then take the cooler with me to the new house when I go on Saturday... Like I said, the details keep popping up.

The new house is a total mess. I had cleaned it at one point, but it is in serious need of another cleaning. I bought a 2-burner hot plate so Mom has something to cook on while she's there. I'm sure she will clean some while waiting on us. I also need to get her a key to get into the new house... sigh, another of those details.
And life doesn't get any less complicated after the move.

Onward. Again.


  1. Every time I think of the move coming up next summer I just about go into a complte panic attack. I know where you're coming from. Good luck this weekend.

  2. I was gathering clothes to put on after my quick shower this morning to get ready for the move. I've lost my clean underwear... sigh...