Four Peaks in snow

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Raining again

I don't think I'll need an ark, though.  It is a light rain this time.  Everyone was freaking out at the forecast after the last go-round.  At least here in Mesa we only have enough to soak the ground for a bit.

I'm getting closer to finalizing my vacation plans for the 29th on.  I'm going to stay in the Southeast and play around in the Smokies on the week that I leave Mom in Nashville visiting friends.  I need a week just to wander around my old favorite places.  Not sure how many folks I'll get to see while I'm back.

Here at home I'm just clearing and cleaning and fixing broken stuff and mending clothes and generally trying to get my homelife situated.  I'm tired of living among plastic totes lined up everywhere.  I can only throw a tablecloth over so many and call them end tables.  I'm starting to look at those plastic Rubbermaid storage sheds to put behind my mobile home to hold the empty totes that I'm not using right now.  It is a step towards the endgame.  I'm looking at those as a more temporary measure that I can either move with me if/when I leave here, or sell to someone else and it would be easier to move either way.  Still researching.

I'm still in a funk.  However, I'm in a winning streak of sorts at the casinos so I'm at least breaking even for now.


  1. That's the way I look at it, If I break even, I'm a winner.

  2. Ah, a week in and around the Smokies sounds heavenly to me.

  3. Was wondering how you were doing now that remnants of Odile were headed your way and Polo is said to soon follow in its footsteps.

    Glad you are getting to go on vacation. I am sure out in the Smokies you will feel free to think and analyse your current situation. Good luck.

  4. Hmm, heading right down my alleyway. Ever been to the Smokies before? Close by is Pigeon Forge, home area of Dolly Parton and her Dollyworld/wood. I- never been and have no desire to.

  5. I love the Smokies, they are so very inviting to me. That area has some very scenic views. Years ago, I drove the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Sky Line Drive.