Four Peaks in snow

Sunday, September 29, 2013

On the Road

I'm in Kansas City staying at Mom's place. The two storage units are getting staged for loading into a big moving truck on Tuesday. Family has been rounded up to direct younger family members who will hopefully heft and tote the stuff into the trucks under the supervision on my Aunt who can load 'more than 10 lbs of * into a 5 lb bag'. Getting all my stuff into the 24' truck, the largest Budget has, will test her skills. I have found at least 3 pieces of furniture I forgot I had. Mom says just leave them, my uncle can use the wood from them in his shop. I am sick at the thought of the furniture of my youth being torn up, but many stories on the net and in various magazines mentions that youth these days don't want all the stuff we 'older folks' kept all those years.

I had hoped to get rid of some stuff while sort through, but instead Mom keeps giving me more stuff. I am taking it with plans to have large piles of things for a 'free' box at the park where I live. I am also not taking some of it. Really.


  1. It is a tragedy that the younger generation does not care for the things that were held dear to the heart of all that came before.

  2. Another Reader9/30/13, 12:55 PM

    I don't know how storage units in Kansas City are, but in Phoenix they can easily get to 130 degrees or hotter. Foam cushions and natural fabrics do not fare well. I have a house of furniture plus tile and other supplies for the rentals out in Surprise, and I think I will have to toss most of the furniture when I move out.

    Stopped over from MMM a couple a months ago. Enjoying your blog and your blogroll!