Thursday, October 03, 2013

Stuck in Kansas

For the first time with Budget I got an old truck I wasn't sure about. However, my help to load it up was there, so I decided it would hopefully make it to Phoenix. It didn't. Outside of Wichata, KS I started to pull off at a casino to relax for $20 worth, get some coffee and head back out. I didn't make it through the toll both. I was stuck at the toll booth until around midnight. Well, the truck was, I walked over to the hotel and got a room, which Budget will pay for. This morning I am waiting on them to bring another truck. At one point the lady on the phone said they would be towing me to Blue Springs, MO to make the transfer. I informed her they definitely would not as that was 6 hours away. She didn't believe me. I said to have her 'supervisor' who set this up to call me ASAP. She called me back and apologized and said she now realized it was 300+ miles, not 60, and that they were now looking for a truck nearer to where I am. Who thinks Wichata (which I can't spell, BTW), is a suburb of Kansas City? Aparently Budget does. Or did.

So, I am 24 hours behind schedule. It could have been worse, I wasn't on the side of the road, the toll booth ladies were wonderful to me, and I had a nice hotel room last night. The adventure continues.


  1. I don't remember you inviting Ms Murphy along for the ride... Glad that you had a good place to stay....Carry on!!

  2. LOL Wichita! It really is pronounced just like it is spelled, well, sort of.

    I hope they get you squared away and you can get back on the road quickly. And don't have too much fun in the casino!

  3. I am so sorry Shadowmoss for this set back but glad you set that supervisor straight!

    Like you mentioned it could have been the side of the road and at least you got to sleep in a comfy hotel room.

    Kudos to the toll booth ladies!

  4. I was driving through the eastern edge of Wichita in the early morning of 10/3/13. Not that I was anywhere near you but I found it an interesting coincidence.