Sunday, October 27, 2013

And now this...

Lots going on to blog about. One not so great is that Mom is experiencing dizzy spells, and getting worse. I had talked to her on Friday and she had been to the doctor and he said it is her heart, but they hadn't gotten her in to order the test from that doctor yet. Then last night I rolled over and my head just kept spinning, yep, just like Mom said her's does. Strange sensation as it is just my head, I know where my body is. At one point I was laying on my back and it seemed like my head jerked backwards at least 45 degrees. I got up, holding onto things, and got some water. Later around 8:30 I called Mom to see what was up with her, and she has had a more severe attack of the dizziness. She decided to get her things together in case she needs to go to ER. I made myself a cup of coffee and a peanut butter sandwich and wove my way back to bed. Spent from then till around 11:30 waking up, taking a bite and a drink and going back to sleep. Finally the room seemed to steady itself and so I called Mom to see how she is doing. She was up and decided to wait till tomorrow to go unless it gets worse. She mentioned that it seems to happen if she is looking up at all, compressing the back of her neck. I tried keeping my head pointed downwards, and it is helping. Things are better, but I'm still not wanting to drive anywhere. This is so strange, she's in Kansas City, MO and I'm in Phoenix, AZ. I keep trying to figure out what could be similar other than genes, and haven't figured it out yet. If I still feel this strange tomorrow I'll finally try to find a doctor. If it gets bad again, I'll head to ER. I don't run to doctors for much of anything, so that shows how out of normal this is for me.

I'll post the rest of what is going on when the room decides to stop wavering on me.


  1. On no...I hope you and your Mom both feel better soon...I had a similar experience several years was an inner ear virus...took weeks to get over...

    ~Feel better soon!

  2. I woke up one night with the room spinning around and around, and I haven't had a drink in years. Have no idea what caused it but don't care to go for that ride again!!