Sunday, October 27, 2013


Just called Mom again. Third time today. Normally we don't talk 3 times in a week, but knowing how I feel I want to check in more often. Seems we have both leveled out and not had any acute waves of our heads feeling like they are jerking. A friend of her's will take her to the ER tomorrow if she feels like she needs to go, and she has her bag all packed. I figure since tomorrow is Monday the office here will be open and I can ask about which hospital I should go to and I can take a cab if I need to go. If I just stay wobbly I probably won't go. I may start looking for a doctor, though.

I cooked eggs for breakfast, and later fixed salmon and steamed veggies for supper. I was attributing my dizziness to not eating much except peanut butter sandwiches and pop tarts yesterday. I'm also taking vitamins. And sleeping a lot. Nothing got done today except eating and sleeping. Luckily I don't need to go to work till Tuesday, so I have a day to make some decisions.

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