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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


There is an article on CNN today about how to make your blog more popular.  It makes it sound like if I'm writing a blog about just my life, general topics with no overridding focus, and there are no comments (which there aren't here, much) that my blog is a total loser and I might as well just crawl into some dark crack somewhere and give up on life.  Well, I disagree.  I'm not so happy with the current rush to have a 'popular' blog, and to have lots of ads and make money from said blog.  In fact, on one blog (this is posted to two different sites) I actually pay money to keep ads the heck off my blog.  I don't really care how popular this blog is since I mostly write for myself and to let any interested friends know what I'm up to.  If online folks enjoy anything I write here, great.  If not, I still enjoy the process of writing and am learning a lot from keeping an online blog.  I'm learning that blogging on any kind of schedule is difficult for me.  I'm learning that having new and interesting material to write is even more difficult.  I appreciate the blogs I follow more because I have a good idea of how much dedication it takes to put out the quality they do.  I'm not so interested in those blogs that jump out to tell me how to live, in the narrow focus and popular vernacular of the day, who have all the right ads and who mention on the side that if I was just as cool as them I could also make money with my blog, and to learn how just buy their new e-book and put an affiliate link...  No affiliate links here.  If I like something I say so, and if I don't I also say so.
Sorry, just had to get all that out of my system.

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  1. Great post! I appreciate your honesty. I can so relate to all that you have said.

    My blogs are not the most professional pieces of work out there. Heck, the pro's are probably sitting back laughing anytime they happen to stumble upon one. I am not an 'expert' at anything in particular, I am not an English Lit Major. I am just one gal living a life on this great big planet. I have ups and downs, highs and lows, and opinions. And I am willing to share all of them with anyone that wants to listen (poor, poor I don't write to impress others, I write for myself.

    I doubt if I am ever going to be able to buy an island with my blogging proceeds, but I didn't get into this for that purpose. Sure you might see an ad or two on my site for places that I believe in. If it interests you great maybe I helped saved you a few steps in getting a chore or two done, if not I am not going to cry if I have to actually pay for my hosting out of my 'own money'. It's okay, this is my hobby.