Four Peaks in snow

Friday, June 04, 2010

I'm Officially Old

First it was while in Pigeon Forge last week.  Since I now have contacts I didn't get transitions lenses on my glasses.  I figured the glasses were just for evenings after taking my contacts.  Well, I end up wearing my glasses a lot, so I needed clip on sunglasses.  I found some neat ones that are spring loaded clip-on and made of glass.  So very (insert what decade, I'm not sure if it's 60's or 70's or what).  I love them.  I'm officially old.

Then, yesterday I joined AARP.  With the discount I'll get on the motel next week, it more than will pay for the membership.  When I go today and rent a car, I'll get another discount.  I caved.  So, I am irrefutably old.  Sigh.

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