Saturday, May 29, 2010


I am a week into my 3 week vacation.  Actually, the last week I'll be working, but it will be in Tennessee so it will seem like vacation.  I'm sitting in my Mom's living room, half dressed, reading blogs on my laptop.  Mom is still in Kansas City.  I'm 'supposed' to be up in Kentucky with friends at a campout.  I'm too tired of traveling around, and am taking down time.  I have learned a lot the past few days.  I learned that the Molly Mac Pack that I got last September at the hangout is not a good fit for me.  Too much fiddle factor to packing it right.  So, I'll leave it with Turtle Lady to put back into the silent auction at the hangout next September.  No need to lug it back and forth to Washington.  I learned that I'm eating waaaay too much sugar and I'm getting fat.  I learned that I need to try on clothes when I buy them because I'm not just a medium now, I'm a large...  I'll go to the outlet mall here and return the things I got at the outlet mall in the Smokies.  I've learned that I need a place, spot, somewhere I can just sit alone, a bathroom I can use as long as I need with no one around, someplace that I can just 'be' when I'm traveling. 

I'm  also realizing that this is Mom's place because her stuff is here.  She moved here after I was last back in Tennessee, so I've never been to this apartment before last night.  She gave me the key to get in while we were both in Kansas City this past weekend.  So, I'm weighing the value of 'my stuff' vs. getting rid of everything.  I need to find the middle ground as I go through my storage unit this next week.  I need to figure out what things mean 'home' to me.  Apparently some of the stuff still out here meet that, because my apartment in Washington just doesn't totally feel like home.

Oh, and I also learned that I totally miss my cats.

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