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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I haven't been in a mood to communicate.  Still trying to get out of this slump.  It will happen one way or another in a few weeks since I'm headed first to Kansas City to meet Mom to inter my Dad's ashes and briefly visit with family, then on to Nashville for 3 weeks.  I'm starting to pack now.  Slowly, but it's starting.

I was reunited with a site that I've been wanting to find again, and it happened in a strange way.  I was talking with one of the pilots at work.  As often happens after I make one of my rare appearances in a skirt at work, he was making conversation aimed at encouraging me to wear them more often.  I said that I was ordering a Macabi treking skirt, and he (kidding) suggested we should get matching ones.  Others in the office heard him, and Googled 'Men in hiking skirts' and found a site that shows a guy in the Macabi skirt.  It's quite a strange sight for these military guys, and the joke went around with the pics saying that this was the new regulation flight suit.  When I saw the picture, I said 'hey, where did you get that, I'm looking for that guy's site!'  This was funny to them, the fact that I recognized a, to them, random picture from the internet.  However, Shane is also a hammock camper and that is how I'd found him a few years ago.   He also has an extensive part of his site dedicated to his experiences living through Katrina.  He turned it into a site that gives amazing detail on how to be prepared for a disaster.  This isn't the 'have X number of gallons of water stored in your bathtub' type of disaster planning, this is 'here is how you have what you need to do things like find a job, have your medical history with you...' and other details of rebuilding a life after losing most of your possessions in a fire, hurricane, or whatever.  The site is:   This dovetailed neatly with the minimalist sites that talk about digitizing important papers and such, and that was why I was wanting to find him again.  He gives such wonderful, detailed, step by step directions.  That's where I've been the past couple of days, reading it all again.

Mundane things:  I joined Costco awhile ago.  I don't buy all that much stuff, but there are things that I do need from a larger place like that, or are at least cheaper there, such as kitty litter.  I took a chance and tried their 'all natural' brand.  It works well.  I needed dishwashing detergent last week.  I've been getting the cheaper Sun brand, but it runs out of cutting power too soon for me.  I was resigned to getting a more 'brand name', but when I went to Costco they had their own 'all natural' brand.  I tried it, and I really like it.  It didn't hurt in these cases that the 'all natural' store brand happened to also be the cheapest.

I'm starting the search for a cheaper apartment.  After I get back from Nashville I only have 2 weeks to decided if I'm staying here and paying $200/month more rent, or moving. Today I'll drive around and look at the neighborhoods around a few I found on the internet.  I'm also looking at going to a 1 bedroom or studio.  This should light more of a fire under me to get rid of the stuff that I'm having a hard time letting go of.

I think that is most of what's been going on.

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