Four Peaks in snow

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Bits and pieces. In my check around the internet of interesting blogs I was directed to this guy's blog: He's in New Zealand and lives in an RV of sorts. The ones he writes about are much different that the ones here. Below is a picture of the inside of the RV owned by a lady called Jypsy Jude:

I wish I was artistic enough to make my living space look so cool. Kind of the opposite of the minimal look I've been heading towards lately. For more cool pictures of her and her RV, head to The Flying Tortoise blog.

Speaking of headings lately, I'm actively embarking on change now. I am looking for a different job, in a different location. Perhaps even a different country. I'm trying to stay open to the possibilities. If you are of a type to pray or otherwise discuss things with the Greater Power of the Universe, please put in a word for me to be lead to where I need to be.

I start packing this weekend, and looking at my possessions in a more immediate way (as in, how the heck can I move (again!) all this stuff) both here and while I'm in Nashville. This time next week I'll be in Kansas City visiting family. Actually, next Saturday about this time Mom and I will be heading to the cemetery to put my Dad's ashes in the ground. I'll visit with family on Sunday and then head on to Nashville on Monday.

Tonight I'll head to the mall for a book to study for more certifications, then probably head to the casino near there. If I play the machines for 2 hours I get a free buffet, and I've been going there a couple of times a week now. It's the best I eat since I get salad, vegetables and real food in general. Not a lot of those in the rest of my life right now. It will be a good thing for me to make major changes in many ways, with my diet as well as getting away from the casinos being two of the main things.


  1. I wish I were bold enough to decorate my house like that!

  2. Hey! Guess what I got in the mail yesterday!

    And you know what? It perfectly matched the decorative plate that I got at the Sally-Anne, too! Providence, I tell ya...

    Thanks so much!