Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's Time

Time to update.  I got back to Washington State in one piece, then proceeded to come down with a bad cold. Over two weeks later I still have the cold, although not nearly as bad.  The last day in Tennessee was starting to be true summer, very hot and humid.  Back here it is still chilly.  The past few days it finally stopped raining, and the weather has been beautiful.  I really need to get out into it today and at least go for a walk.  I also need to make plans for next weekend as it's a 3 day weekend and I want to go exploring.

I am looking at my stuff with the eye to packing it all up again.  I'm going to extend my contract here at this apartment because I'll lose all of my deposit wherever I am.  In fact, out here the people consider it a good deal if they don't get socked for an additional cleaning fee beyond the deposit, as in up to $1000.00.  I know of a couple of folks that happened to, not just one, so I consider it a trend.  Since I feel better now than I have since I got back I'll start the process of looking for another job someplace else.  While I like the area, I can't afford to live here in the Pacific Northwest, and it doesn't have any hold on me to keep trying.

Ongoing projects include getting back to scanning important documents and getting rid of stuff.  I made enough room in the storage unit back in Nashville to hold what I have out here if I need to consolidate things while I go work someplace out of the country.  As always, I could have gotten rid of more while there, but it was emotionally draining being back there with no real place to call my own.

I'll try to post progress on at least one project later today or tomorrow.  Again I'm thinking I would like to update here more often.  I'll see how it goes.

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