Thursday, January 06, 2022

Bloggerfest and catching up

I'm just not writing much anywhere lately.  Bloggerfest is still on for Saturday, January 22 at 1pm.  I'll be at the shelter house/pavilion at La Posa South with Callie dog.  Come on by.

In other news, I go in for a biopsy of the other breast this morning.  Not too worried about the result, it's not a mass this time.  My history of breast cancer makes them check out any anormality.

My good friend Turtle Lady lost her husband Tuesday night.  He had fought Parkinson's and Lewy Body dementia for several years.  I feel very far away from her over in Kentucky now.

Mom is doing well.  I get reports from the neighborhood watchers of most of her activities.  She knows this.  In RV parks there are always eyes watching to make sure everything is ok.  I personally like that.  I'm far removed from the lifestyle that needed to worry about who sees what I do.

I'm waffling on what vehicle to take to Quartzsite.  The motorhome would be most comfortable, maybe.  The 12V system isn't really functional while boondocking, but the generator works.  There is a week long campout memorial for a good friend, Mike Ardenaz, otherwise known as HighDesertRanger in the nomad community.  It starts the 22nd.  Turtle Lady was going to try to come out for that but I don't know if she will now.  I may end up just bringing the car and sleep over for a night with the gathered friends.

I'll post the results of the biopsy.when I know.


  1. I an thinking of you my friend! Positive thoughts heading your way. It is nice to see you carrying on with Bloggerfest, I thoroughly enjoyed the two or three I attended.

  2. Glad to finally see a post from you and that you and your mom are doing well.

    Maybe one day I will join you at Bloggerfest. Have a great time while there!

  3. Glad you're not worried. Looking forward to meeting up at the Bloggerfest.