Friday, January 07, 2022

Calendar is filling up

The biopsy was rescheduled for the 20th.  They didn't have the right shape marker clip.  I'm putting it down to supply chain issues.  Didn't realize it until the last minute.  It needed to be a different shape than the one already there from a previous biopsy in 2016, and the only shape they had was the same.

I have an appointment to have the emergency brake fixed on the motorhome on the 17th.  Barring a parts issue that should be go to go for the trip to Quartzsite.

Now to start troubleshooting the electrical problem.

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  1. I read you are not worried about the breast biopsy yet I would still find it frustrating to be rescheduled. Prayers and fingers crossed all goes well. Also, hope the emergency brake fix is an easy and quick fix.
    I do have one question but first Tom and I do appreciate that you have kept bloggerfest going and as we have mentioned in the past if we are in the area we will join you. We are and will be there, I was just wondering why you changed it from the last Saturday of the Big Tent to the first day?