Four Peaks in snow

Friday, January 21, 2022

Staying home

I have learned that someone I was around on Tuesday has tested positive for COVID.  I'm still not feeling well from my ordeal yesterday, although I don't have any COVID symptoms.  I don't want to bring any germs out to you folks who are living away from us city folks.  I also don't want to get on the road and realize I'm too lightheaded to finish the trip.

I really wish I wasn't missing visiting with some friends who are in the area the area, as well as missing Bloggerfest.  It seems the responsible thing to do.  Sometimes adulting isn't fun.


  1. Not fun but the right decision.

  2. I agree the whole adulty thing is not fun. Sorry to hear you will miss coming this way. I know you mentioned looking forward to spending time with your friends. Making the right decision is never fun. We know first hand since Tom and I are not feeling the best we have decided to miss bloggerfest, also...:(
    Take care.
    Tom and Deb
    Celebrating the Dance

  3. You made the right decision. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Maybe this will help or not but when I had to miss the Chili Cook-off in Terlingua last year I told myself...there is always next year.

  4. Wife and I both nearly recovered from covid. Not vaxxed. Been taking strict vitamin regimen for nearly 2 years, and we had ivermectin. No hospital/no doctor visit/ no big deal. Like a mild flu for a few days.
    Big Plus is....both have natural immunity now. WINNING!

  5. I took out a couple comments. I will not have insulting or derogatory comments on my blog.

  6. I hope you are feeling better now! :)

  7. Stay safe and stay well!

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  9. I missed this post! I'm so sorry you tested positive and can only hope that nothing came of it. Both my son and DIL had Covid recently but thankfully a very mild version and they were back to work after a week or two. Wishing you the very best and we will have to chat sometime.