Friday, August 03, 2018

Exploring the National Forest

I'm exploring around in the National Forests outside of Yellowstone. This is where a large section of the mountain at the edge of the canyon gave way during the earthquake in 1959 which flooded the Madison River and created Quake Lake.

I spent Wednesday afternoon and night up in Helena at the NSS convention seeing folks I haven't seen in years. A couple of the folks were not at the convention I went to 2 years ago and so I hadn't seen at least one of them in about 40 years. Nice to reconnect. On the way back to West Yellowstone I stopped in and visited Jim and Sandy Dixon. Jim and Rockey were out fishing but I got to see Sandy and Skittlez in there summer habitat.

Tomorrow my friend and I will head out for more site seeing. She works for the Forest Service here so I'm sure it will be fun.

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  1. Really great seeing you. Have fun fun fun.

  2. Nice to get out in the wilds and also seeing old friends. Have fun.

  3. Try the Campfire Lodge Resort between Hebgen and Earthquake lakes on the Madison river for a great breakfast on the river at a reasonable price.