Saturday, August 25, 2018

Tanks for the memory…

In Arizona the term ‘tank’ means a natural depression that tends to hold water.  They are more common in the Northern part of the state.  If you click on the blurry pictures in the previous posts you see there is water at the bottom of the sink (short for sink hole, bear with me).  The water has lily pads floating, and it is really a pretty place.  I keep trying to get back to these tanks when the lily pads are in bloom, but I go in August, and they bloom earlier in the summer I think.  The quality of the pictures is related to wanting to get a blog post out and grabbing the first thing I’ve done lately worthy of posting.  At some point I will go back and try to do the area justice.  I may have mis-spelled Pomeroy Tanks as well.

I ended up driving home last night.  The weather was getting even more rainy and I just wasn’t feeling like being in the Grand Canyon area on a weekend.

I’ll try to post more of my day to day stuff.  One of the reasons I go on these trips is because I get bored with staying home.  I do have stuff to get done before the season ends.

Speaking of ‘season’.  I have decided to stay here at this park through the end of the year.  I talked to the manager down in Apache Junction and she is ok with me only being there 3 months, in that she will hold my spot for me.  I do have plans B and C in case that falls through.

I also plan to have Bloggerfest again.  I have the instructions Rick gave me on how to reserve the ramada at La Posa South.  I know where the signs are.  So far, all systems go.


  1. You need to photograph the tanks earlier. Put that on your list for next year.

  2. Glad you had a well deserved mini-vacation to recharge your inner batteries.

  3. If you want to learn more about tanks and desert streams, flash floods, the Grand Canyon and such, you might enjoy "The Secret Knowledge of Water" by Craig Childs.

  4. Just catching up, again.
    As long as everyone at the Bureau of Land Management are still doing the same jobs you should have no trouble with the permit. It would be recommended that you apply by early December so they can Mail the actual permit to your home PO Box.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.