Friday, October 13, 2006

Once again, Maybe

Yesterday I came home sick. Too many things went the wrong way physically, and I just decided to call it a day early on. I had on my list of things to do to call the realtor and find out what happened to the folks she called me about since I hadn't heard anything. Since I was feeling puny I hadn't called her by the time I got home. As I walked in I got a call from the showing scheduler (a separate person with this brokerage) saying that a couple wants to see the place on Saturday from 11-12. I asked enough questions to verify for myself that this is the same couple that I showed it to last Sunday. They keep saying they want to put in an offer. When I hung up I considered pulling off my clothes and crawling into the waterbed since I still wasn't feeling well. The dog started barking right then and a car was in the driveway. I stepped out and it was the woman of that same couple with 2 of the kids. She didn't expect me to be home and just wanted to show the kids the place. I told her to 'make yourself at home' . She said they would be back on Saturday and that the mortgage folks see no problems. Of course, we have not started talking money yet.

Yesterday was cold. I put on long sleeves for only the second time this year, then came in and put on a fleece top as well. That wasn't enough with the chilly wind. That was part of why I was sick, I was getting a sore throat. Add in that it was my, ummm, low energy day of the month and that my tummy wasn't feeling well and I just came home and slept all day. I felt some better last night, and am better this morning. Still not full energy, though.

The bee meeting is tomorrow. I am ashamed that I have not taken care of my bees at all since I moved them to the new house in the spring. I have no idea if they are ok or not. Apparently there is a huge problem with hive beetles this year, and I couldn't tell you if I have them or not. With the weather turning chilly I can't really open the hives up till it is warmer anyway. I guess tomorrow morning I'll get up and tidy the house and load up the truck with things to move to the new house and then head to the meeting.

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  1. At least there's something happening... I guess. I sure hope you can get through this soon and settle into the new place.