Sunday, September 02, 2007

Commentary on My Life

I had this conversation with a former work partner when I called to tell him about my new job:

Me: ... and I'll be making decent money again.
Him: Good. Now you can afford to buy a Television Set
Me (who NEVER watches TV): Television set?!? I already have one of those.
Him: THEN TURN IT ON. Get informed.
(he always has to tell me what the current news is before we can talk about it)
Me: Well, actually I'm thinking of getting rid of most things and moving into an RV.
Him: You always have to be that rebellious hippi, don't you. The non-conformist.
Me: Well, think how boring it would be if I was just like all of you normal people.
Him: Yeah, but us normal people get laid.
Me (sighing): Ok, you got me there...


  1. What?! Hippy's don't get laid? I'll have to tell my husband - he'll be somewhat startled, I'm guessing. His life is about to change. ;-)

  2. Yeah, well... I let the 'normal' folks think what they will. :)