Four Peaks in snow

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Now, Where Was I Again?

Home again. The nice, sunny 80's degree weather we had for the past couple of weeks while on the fielding has given way to a chilly steady rain here at home. I'm looking around at the familiar surroundings, still feeling a bit of the distance. Laundry is started, some cleaning already done around the house. The truck really didn't want to start this morning. Once it started it was rough, and the suspension is telling me it needs some work when I drive. A couple of weeks of driving new rentals, and I can now tell my truck needs some more major work. With 311K miles on it, that is part of it's life cycle.

When I walked in the house yesterday I expected to be smothered by the clutter after 3 weeks in a motel room. Instead I was a bit startled by the lack of stuff. Not that there isn't more than there should be, but there was less than I remembered. I guess my work the few weeks before leaving really did make some difference. However, I am now spoiled by having lived someplace that someone else came in every day and cleaned for me. I have wiped down the bathroom already, and am working on the dining room and kitchen.

It is time to swap my summer clothes out and finish bringing out my winter ones. I took mostly short sleeved tops on the fielding, and that worked out because the weather there was nice. It really is the middle of December, though. Time to sort and purge and swap out. Maybe somewhere in all the cleaning and swapping I'll at least put up the small aluminum tree and color wheel light that will be my Christmas decorations.

It seemed strange not to have to coordinate with anyone after I got out of bed this morning, not having to figure out my schedule based on a few other's needs for the transportation. Funny, it was kind of a let down. I got up around 6 am and didn't have to meet or talk to anyone.

This traveling is sure a mixed bag of emotions.

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