Four Peaks in snow

Saturday, August 09, 2008


This is my last Saturday morning at home for awhile. I have unloaded the things out of the back of the truck that need to stay here, and loaded most of the trash to take to the dump in a bit. I have laundry started. I have sat down for some coffee.

Still on the agenda is, uhh, packing. I leave early, like a 6am flight, on Monday. I'm going to just see how difficult it will be to only have one 50lb suitcase. I will most likely end up with two, but with the airlines charging for even the first checked bag I'll give it a good attempt anyway. The company reimburses us for the baggage charges at least. I need to take recyclables (still haven't done that...) and then clean the kitchen and mop and clean the bathroom and go from there.

The temperature has broken a bit, which explains why I'm actually getting some things done, like unloading and loading the truck. I truly don't do anything when it's hot, inside or out. This is something I need to plan for every year, no projects in July or early August. I will only be home for 2 weeks in September, then off again. So, this weekend is really my time to make some progress. In the trash are some things that have been sitting around waiting for I'm not sure what for me to get rid of. I am cutting down a bit below the daily cleanup at least.

Phil is back at work, Shiloh is almost done with the trail. Things are winding down, or up, or at least changing. Just this morning I still looked around for the cat before closing a closet door. I sometimes still scooch over when sitting down in my chair so there will be room for him to jump up when he wanders over. While driving at lunch yesterday I was pondering what I need to get done before leaving town, and I had a moment of panic when I sensed that changes have been initiated that are now out of my control. At this point, though, there is nothing to do but continue on.

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