Four Peaks in snow

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Still Alive

I am back in the land of the living. I went back to Nashville for a weekend to celebrate my Dad's 90th birthday. I flew out Friday and flew back Sunday. In the middle I loaded what little was left at the house that I wanted to keep, and in the process put my back out, and then locked up behind me and left. It's in the hands of the Realtor now. The Realtor I can't seem to get hold of since I left.

I nursed my back for a few days. I had just gotten to where my ankle wasn't bothering me, then the back went out. I was fussing that I was so tired of my body hurting. Thursday night while laying in the hammock I realized that for a few minutes nothing hurt! I'm on the mend now. I need to get back to being active so that I don't injure myself again. The week before I left I had started back on my walking routine. Next week I start again. Maybe even today if I get over to Mt. Rainier and do a short hike like I want.

The Artisan bread was a flop. I hadn't baked any more since it had been really hot here the week before I left. Yesterday I tried again from the same batch of dough I made up a couple of weeks ago. Major fail. I had hoped that the time would have muted the salt flavor. It didn't, in fact it was worse. That's all I taste. And, it still didn't rise, just kinda oozed accross the bottom of the casserole. I did use a lot of oil on the bottom of the pan before I put the dough in, but it still stuck. I think I'll go back to my bread machine. In the winter I may try this again, and I'll follow the directions next time.

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