Monday, December 20, 2010

Nightly W(h)ine

When I was at Valley of Angels a couple of weeks ago I bought a total of 4 bottles of liquor.  2 of them are bottles of blackberry wine.  I had some motivation in getting the second in that 2 attractive males mentioned they would like to taste it.  I figured that I had little to lose.  Well, they neither one came by for the glass of wine, so I finally opened one of the bottles tonight.  I don't know how you mess up making blackberry wine, but this wine is not very good.  Then again, maybe I just don't like wine anymore.  Everything tastes so dry.  I thought it was just left coast wine, but apparently Honduran wine is also very dry.  sigh.  It is potent, though.  One glass and I'm feeling the effects.  I'm thinking the second bottle will be a gift to someone.  Not sure yet just who.


  1. LOL You ole Cheap drunk!! :-) Make sure you stop by here when you get back to the states and I'll get you a big bottle of Boons Barn!! or Annie Green Springs :-)

  2. I haven't had a drink of alcohol for at least 25 years. Bet I would feel one sip. You be carefull if you take Ben up on his invitation. We "Old Farts" can be dangerous. :-)

  3. Ben, so far you've offered Boone's Farm and watching Alice's Restaurant. Careful, you'll have me knocking at your door yet! :) I figure you just want me to fix that outside camera you can't get to work.

    And DD, I never underestimate a man if I can help it.