Sunday, July 24, 2011

Unwelcome guests

When my Mom and I Skype I keep up with the goings on in the small MO town where she lives.  A friend/extended family member went on vacation for the first time in decades, and Mom and my Aunt were in charge of feeding the cats, Mom in the evenings and Aunt in the mornings.  The lady has a cat door and apparently other openings to the outside that hadn't been an issue when she was there every day.  However, turns out that 2 opposums decided they had found heaven with her gone, and moved in.  There were countless messes each day, and her son was called in to help with a trap, which didn't work.

When the lady returned, she cocked her bb gun as far as she can (she's in her late 80's and small but wiry) and when she heard them the first night she was back, she crept down the hall and popped one in the head.  Didn't phase it.

Now she's got the rifle out.  He great-grandson told her she can't shoot that in the house!  She says it's her house, she can if she wants.  Family members descended with more traps...  I'll keep you updated.


  1. I had an old motor home one time and a possum hitched a ride in it some how and when I got home it made is way out. It went in the garage and climbed up a ladder going in to the attic. I heard the cat meowing very loudly in the garage so went to investigate. It was looking up in the attic from the floor and I don't think she wanted any part of tangling with that big rat. All I saw was the back end of it and the tail so I got my high powered pellet gun and managed to shoot it as it turned sideways. That didn't kill it and it vanished in the attic somewhere and I couldn't find it. Of course it died later and the attic and garage stunk to high heaven for about a month after that.

  2. Bravo, for the Old Lady! I like her attitude! I hope the relatives get it trapped. Can you image a .22 ricochetting of the family heirlooms?

  3. I had a possum loose in my house and had HELL catching it. I called all my hunting buddies for advice and to the man, was told,"I know they can be dangerous when cornered." Sheesh.... that's what I was trying to do! I finally threw a sheet on it and tried to grab it with my leather gloves. It wrapped it's tail around my wrist and I took it outside.

  4. ummm, a high quality animal trap has always worked for me. There should be a local animal rescue that would come trap and remove them for her. Of course talking her into it sounds like that maybe the hardest part.