Friday, October 05, 2012

More free courses

Awhile ago I talked about how I like the fact that I can find free courses on pretty much anything I want to learn on the internet. Thanks to the blog zenhabits written by Leo Babatua, I have some more sites to share with you. His blog post is about Unschooling for kids, but I figure that can apply to adults like me as well.

Since I am ripping off his resources, I'll give the link to his blog first:

The first place I checked out was I have already signed up for 2 courses there, one on Computational Investing and one on Cryptography. I'll be in waaaay deep, but maybe it will fire off some of the lazy brain cells that haven't worked much for a long time.

The next site I checked out was which seems to be a listing of available courses online listed by subject.

I just spent 10 minutes doing a vocabulary game. I got to level 45 out of 60 before I really didn't know the words. I consider my vocabulary to be above average. Test yourself at and let me know if I really do have as large a vocabulary as I think. : )

For more fun go to Leo's post and click away. The list of learning resources is at the bottom of the post.


  1. It is always good to keep learning new things. At my age that is getting hard to do. No, not because of an aging brain but because I think that I already know every thing or have forgotten what I don't know (grin).

  2. Great suggestions...we are gonna try them.!!

    Bigfoot/ TX

  3. I'm having second thoughts about the computational investing one. I already know some of the cryptography stuff, have to for my job. I may change out and look for something different, but they neither one start till next month.

  4. Shadowmoss,

    I don't read your blog every day, sorry, just catching up.

    Don't have a link for the news story about New Cities in Honduras but just Google using "Honduras New Cities".

    They will be some years down the road but there might be an opportunity during the planning/development stage.

  5. I also got to 45 before I fell apart!