Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I think I got lost again

I always mean to update things here. I can't keep up to my self-imposed quality of blog posts so I end up not posting anything. A blog is an interesting thing. I believe it is mostly a good force in my life, so I keep posting. However, it also is a reminder that I'm not organized enough to do it as well as 'everyone else' and so it becomes a chore I put off.

I now have 2 cats, one really an adolescent of 7 mo or so. Bosley has become an adult cat in the few weeks I've had him, filled out and grown up. Rasta is still a kitten, skinny and showing signs that he has been not so well. I'm hoping that now that he is healthy and with good food and attention he will sleek up and his coat will get shiny. So far so good, although mornings it is WWIII here as the cats battle and chase and wrestle. I am by necessity getting to be a better house keeper. Anything not nailed down goes flying when the guys start their antics.

No changes at work, and it is getting more and more difficult. April 1, I keep being told, just hold on till April 1. We are short staffed and the work load hasn't dropped. Even my boss says we are running on duct tape and bailing wire. He grins when he says it. I don't.

I'm in need of getting a move on with doctors and dentists and new glasses. I'm going to call (really, I mean it this time) Dr. Rubio, the dentist in Algodones, when I finish this post. The medical doctors I found a few weeks ago, but then decided they are too far away across town? I'm going to call them and make an appointment as well. Maybe not today, though.

UPDATE:  Made my appointment for next week.


  1. How was the medical care in Honduras, or did you come back to the U.S. for it? Have you been hiking lately? I would imagine it will soon get too hot, if it hasn't already.

  2. You lucky little booger. I love to watch cats cut up an' sling things around the room. So much energy....but then they go lay down for a nap an' won't talk to ya for the rest of the day.

    I'm with ya on find'n excuses for not call'n the doctor. But in the long run, we gotta do it some day. Good luck on your' your dental.

  3. Kitty critters are the best!! I luv to watch them tearing around. Better that than tearing things up! Don't worry about beening the 'best' blogger at all... if that we the case we would only have need for 1 blogger. It is really not a competition but rather a community. All voices varied and valuable. Take good care.

  4. Cats are the best I love watching their antics but alas mother is highly allergic and they would have to be outside cats so would rather not own one for now.

    I am glad you made your appointment in Algodones and from all I have read the Rubio group is one of the best. You are in good hands.