Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Now What

So, I've run off the end of any 'plans' I had for this vacation.  I have the rental car, I'm in Nashville, Mom is off to stay with her friends and I'm in a Starbucks (don't hate...) getting ready to head off somewhere in the rental car to have a bunch of fun.  Nothing has really jelled as to what to do.  I spent too much money, as usual, in REI here.  I decided not to get the one thing I came down here to get, a sleeping pad.  I decided to just get a cheap one at WalMart.  $8 vs. $100.  There is a difference.  However, for this trip not really enough to justify.  Maybe.  I've about decided to go back and get the one in there.  But, typing this I changed my mind, again.  Really, I don't use my camping stuff hardly at all now.  sigh.  Welcome to my vacation.


  1. Oh just unwind and take time to smell the roses. . . Or wild flowers or that Autumn smell that comes with the changing leaves.

  2. You can't go wrong with a thermarest, although I'm sure there are brands that are comfortable at a cheaper price. I've bought a couple of air mattresses at Walmart and swore I'd never buy any of their camping gear again.