Saturday, November 15, 2014


Once I got back to work, I ended up changing to days from nights.  Next week I change a bit again, then hopefully the week after I'm back on nights.  I don't do much but survive when details like that cause havoc with my schedule.

One of my favorite neighbors is now back.  Her son and dil drove her down from MN and will fly back in a couple of weeks.  It was mentioned that they had to follow a snow plow out of town as they left.  They let me help celebrate her 88th birthday last night by sharing the chocolate cream birthday pie.  See why she is one of my favorite neighbors.  :)

So, 3 months ago I could even spell DBA and now I are one.  As soon as my access on the network gets sorted out (3 weeks into that so far...)  and I get a bit more trained I'll be official and back on my preferred shifts, weekend nights.  I've already made reservations for Vegas next month for my 60th birthday, so I need to be back on that shift by then.  Crossing fingers.

Now starts the easy time of year here.  Coolish mornings where a light jacket is welcomed, sunny warm days that make strolling around an enjoyable activity.  Folks have come out of hiding from the heat and sit on their porches and wave or say hi as I walk by.  Life is pretty good right now.


  1. I always felt better when I worked days. Afternoon shifts, ending at 23:00 and night shifts 23:00 to 07:00, always bothered me. I couldn't sleep when on the latter two. I am just shy of six feet tall and while on those shifts, I got down to under 130 pounds. Work during the day and sleep at night, that is the best for your health and well being.

  2. Glad to hear you sounding optimistic.

  3. I always said that Phoenix had perfect weather - in October and April. But, you need not shovel any heat off your driveway at any time of the year.