Four Peaks in snow

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Canadians are here

Apparently this time of year in Mesa overlaps with the snowbirds still here and baseball spring training that others  come to town to watch.  This fills up the snowbird rv parks completely, or has this year at least.  My park is more of a +55 mobile home park with empty spaces being used for monthly rv rental.  Croft had contacted me that he and Norma were looking for an open spot to hang and I gave him the info to come here.  They arrived and I got to meet them.  I wandered over with my first cup of coffee when I got up yesterday afternoon and woke up while talking to them as Croft was tuning in their satellite dish.  Hopefully we can get Rod over here and get out for the Supper Club before he heads back East.

The big news is that Mom is moving out here.  She has arranged to buy a mobile here in this park.  She came out for 2 weeks last month (part of not writing, too much going on and my sleep schedule is out of whack...) and finalized everything.  In a couple of weeks I fly back to MO and we load her stuff into a big truck, hook her car on back and make that drive from there to here.

Sleeping is an issue for me now.  I want to sleep when I can't (work, at night) and can't sleep very long at a time during the day.  I'm working on it.  My mind is fuzzy and I have little ambition other than to just do day to day stuff like dishes and pet the cats and such as I sleep walk through the days.  Again, this is the main reason I haven't written.  I'm hardly coherent when I am awake.


  1. Glad to hear from you. I can't even imagine how hard it would be to work nights. Hopefully after you get Mom all settled you can get back to a more normal routine and be able to sleep again during the day.

  2. Another Reader3/11/15, 6:03 AM

    After Croft "outed" you and your park, I looked at some of the units the park is selling. You can pick up an oldie for a couple of grand and pay the park rent of $450. Given how rents are going up, not a bad way to go. I travel to the area frequently, and it's nice to sleep in your own bed and eat off your own dishes.

  3. Glad you Mom is moving out to be near you. Way back years ago, I had to work night shift and never seemed to be able to get rested. Afternoon shift (3 to 11) was not so bad, in fact I liked those hours.

  4. I don't think I could work at night and sleep in the daytime. That must really be difficult to adjust to your off days. Have a safe trip driving your Mom's stuff out to AZ.

  5. As a night owl, I can see where if you are naturally an early riser it could be rough to stay awake all night and try to sleep during the day, cause I have trouble sleeping before daylight arrives.

    I'm glad to read your mother is going to be closer. That 12-1300 mile difference can be tough.

  6. Sorry I "outed" you and your park. I removed your name very quickly but someone saw it. Thankfully they are friendly. It is a great park. We spent some time at the pool yesterday and pretty much had it to ourselves. Must be too hot for some (or maybe not hot enough?).

  7. Another Reader3/15/15, 12:42 PM

    Followed Shadowmoss from her posts over at Mr. Money Mustache, one of Croft's fellow Canadians. Found a lot of great blogs on her blogroll, and I frequently click through to read them.

    Wait a month, and you will have the pool all to yourselves. By mid-April you will start seeing a lot of 100 degree plus high temperatures. Too hot for mid-day swims then.

  8. Glad to see you are doing good.