Thursday, May 21, 2015

Taking a break

Everything is ok, I'm just taking a break from blogging.  I am making some changes, and trying to learn some new things, or more that I'm learning the same things in a deeper way, for work.  I bought a new laptop with bunches of memory and a state of the art cpu and it is kicking my butt just trying to get a backup of it in my usual way.  I also truly hate Windows 8.1.  And Skype won't let me log in with my account info, it demands I create a Windows account for ALL my stuff.  No.  There are other video chat programs out there.  When I can get a backup of the original install of this Windows 8.1 I'll take the laptop to Linux, or make it dual boot or something.  But, I digress.

I lost a good friend lately.  He was one of the folks I wrote this blog for.  He didn't comment, but I would get an email right after I posted.  He set me up for a lot of the adventures I ended up having, both in the Virgin Islands, and later because of that travel when I was open to Honduras.  Rest in Peace, Dave.  I'll drink a bushwhacker for you in St. Thomas overlooking the bay at some point.  I'm picturing you waiting at the bar in Dayton, holding the table for the rest of us as we straggle in to get our yearly steak dinner at the Hamfest.  At one point I had hoped this year would have been a reunion for some of us who haven't been back for a few years.  Won't be the same any more.

So, I'll be back sometime.  Just need to shift gears and hibernate for a bit.


  1. So very sorry about the loss of such a good friend. I'll be here waiting when you unhibernate.

  2. A Hamfest?? I love Hamfests. I didn't know that you were a Ham. What is your call letters. Mine are WB3DZY.

  3. I'm inactive now. When I lived back in Indiana, and later Nashville, I ran around with a bunch of folks who are hams, so I got my ticket. When I left I let it lapse.

    Dave used to go to St. Thomas and set up a base station in Red Hook and he and his buddies would work traffic. Later, he and I would coordinate meals and such via our handi-talkies on 2M between Red Hook and where I stayed over on St. John. I did once talk to him from the BVI back to St. Thomas, but I think I was probably not exactly legal at that point (foreign soil and all). He was a former co-worker and good friend of a friend I dated for several years, and we have all stayed in contact through the years.

  4. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. It is difficult to hear of someone you care about dying, and I'm sure you'll feel bad about it for a long while.