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Monday, July 27, 2015

Controling what I can control

Given that my life will be turned upside down (again) when I go on days in August, I decided the only thing I can do is exercise control over those things I can control.  I was (am?) tired of my body hurting when I moved very much at all.  I was backing away from things because I was afraid to put my back all the way out instead of just hurting a little as it was every day.  So, I joined Planet Fitness.  I joined that gym for several reasons.  No contract, low buy-out fee, gyms near both where I live and where I work that are open 24 hrs., and low monthly fee.  Gypsy (On the Road Again) has been my inspiration (see side bar) for just how much better life can be if I just take control.  Also, when I started back walking every day my back pain started to minimize.  So far so good.  I've gone 3 times, and the constant pain is pretty much gone.  I'm easing up to the machines, but so far so good.

Also, like most everyone on the internet I've been reading a lot about the decluttering and storage methods of Marie Kondo.  I haven't read the actual book yet.  She recommends putting all of a like item (such as ALL your clothes) in a pile and picking up each item and asking if it sparks joy.  I haven't gotten that courageous (or fool-hardy!) yet, but I did fold all my tshirts the way she recommends and it does make a difference.  For one thing, I can see each and every one of them when I open the drawer.  It makes me feel more at choice which one I decide to wear that day.  It isn't just what was on the top layer.

The decluttering is part of a deeper plan to get free of having so much stuff.  The amount of stuff I own has driven so many of my life decisions in a direction that wasn't optimal for what I really wanted.  Stuff costs money to own.  It costs emotional energy to maintain and store.  So, I'm in deep decluttering mode in order to move forward.   A friend at work has a place to donate household goods so I'll be going through all my cookware, pots, pans and skillets , mixing and storage bowls, spatulas and mixing spoons, small appliances, and so forth.  I have a lot.  Hopefully within the next few weeks I'll have less.

All this is part of the plan not to be dependent on work.  As I get rid of stuff I can look into being more mobile.  As I sort and shred paperwork I can clear my mind and get my resume and job-seeking skills honed.  I'll control those things I can control as I move towards moving to a space of choice rather than a space of taking whatever I can get.


  1. My 150 square feet of travel trailer is getting to be a burden with all its extra space. My attention now is toward more reasonable sized trailers under a hundred square feet. I love the simplified life.

  2. I just love your new attitude and goals! I haven't read Kondo's book yet, but my niece who lives in Brooklyn has been following the principles of decluttering and swears by it. She showed me some photos of the first effort she made to get rid of stuff, 21 bags full!

    Please keep up with the exercise, even when you don't feel like doing it, are too tired, or whatever. It is a lifesaver, along with eating healthy organic foods. I know especially working crazy hours and changing shifts makes it a lot easier to open a package of prepared food, but when you read the ingredients and find stuff you can't even pronounce, and especially "sugar" and "fructose" mentioned several times, it gives you pause to think maybe your diet is affecting how you feel as well. Please keep updating what you're doing and how you're feeling - you inspire others to try to be healthy!

  3. The truth is, the only things we have control over in this life are our attitude and how we treat others, to paraphrase Viktor Frankl.

    My sympathies and a hug, while you get through having to deal with folks playing 'God' with your life.

  4. You have made such big changes by decluttering in the past, and continue to inspire me ( I know . . .tons more inspiration needed.) When I open your blog and see that neat as a pin photo of your home, that is an inspiration for me
    to keep striving to be ready to downsize our living space when it is the right time. Let's talk soon! At least, if you are on days, talking to you will be easier ---once you get turned around again. : ) Hang in there.

  5. Hello, Shadowmoss.
    I have read your comments for a long time on Bubba Hermit's and Billy Bob's sites, but never looked into your blog until today. What a surprise - from the tiny picture and your comments and address, I always assumed (makes one of me, doesn't it?) that you were an Indian maiden; long flowing black hair and dressed in buckskin. Opening the full sized site was a lesson to me - don't assume! Not disappointed, just surprised ...
    I, too, an trying to de-clutter. With Bubba Hermit Jim and I facing doing mom's house in the foreseeable future, I'm looking around my own stuff and thinking "My kids aren't going to want that, or even know what it is or why I kept it". I, too have not read the book, but am inspired.
    Sorry for the novel on my first post to you. I get that way. Give me an essay test and I'm gonna nail it - multiple choice, 50/50.

  6. Every time I get the urge to declutter, memories of each and every item come back and I can't do it. That is why the two of us live in a rancher of just under 2000 sq ft with no room left to put anything.