Wednesday, August 17, 2016

On the road again - destination Canada

Once it occurred to me I suddenly had a window of opportunity to travel this summer while I'm parked near enough to Mom that I can leave the cats in her care, I started making plans. I've never been to Canada. I k ow Canadians as snowbirds who arrive in AZ as the weather starts cooling down to bearable. I floated the idea to Croft and Norma that perhaps I could come up and visit them for a week, and got a friendly 'come on up' response.

This morning, after some issues from yesterday I'll talk about when I return to AZ that will require putting the car in the body shop for a bit, I woke to my 4:30 am alarm. On the road to the airport by 5am I made my flight to Seattle with no issues. I'm in the air on the way to Seattle as I type, and I'll post this once I land there. Ongoing posts as I go.

Looking forward to studying the Canadian Snowbird in its native habitat.

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