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Monday, January 23, 2017

More solar cooking plans

I posted a fuzzy picture from a seminar at RTR about a home made solar cooker.  One of the presenters later posted a link to a large number of different DIY solar cooker plans.

solar cooker instructions

If you go to Main Page it gives a lot of information on the state of solar cooking as it is now.  The previous link is an archive link.  I had the question of ‘but does it work?’ and the answer is YES.  The simple one I took the picture of was up to around 200* in the time it took to make her talk.  An enclosed oven style (made from a box) will get to 300*, and a commercial built one will get higher. 


  1. Hey thanks for the tips sounds wonderful. ,maybe give it a try.

  2. Check out The Field Lab blog. John made one that has huge reflectors in which he cooks cornish game hens often. I think his gets up to 450 in the TX desert.
    Might have to scroll back in his archives a bit.