Sunday, July 09, 2017

Socks, the beginning

I should really explain that these are more 'bed socks' or slippers.  I'm practicing on larger yarn so that when I use nicer, more expensive sock yarn I may know what I'm doing.  I got this yarn for $1 a skein at a thrift shop.  Judy's magic cast-on and then I knit the tail along with the main yarn on the next row to double the stitches.  I'll increase stitches in some pattern yet to be determined until it looks like it will fit around my foot.  What can possibly go wrong?  Well, other than the first round I knit with the tail instead of the main yarn.  I switched over when I got to the main yarn again.



  1. Those are awful tiny for my big feet.

  2. That would barely fit my big toe. Keep practicing and before you know it you'll be turning them out like a production line.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Keep going soon you will have a pair of socks.

  4. Tail? Switch? This is sounding a tad kinky.

  5. cough. I have this pile of sweaters on my coffee table. OK, by pile I mean two complete and one sort of abandoned because Elizabeth walked off with the pattern causing me to move on to the next without much thought. I really should finish it because it's just a tank, it's summer weight, and it's the only one I've made for her. In any case, to date, not one of these sweaters (and there have been three others) has fit me. Seriously. I have made egregious errors all of which have been corrected in the next sweater as I continue to learn. The good news is they've fit other people. I think the sweater gods must be looking out for me. I'm averaging maybe one sweater every three weeks and this is ONLY because it's what I do when I hit my hotel at night and it's what I do when I get home and am too wasted to focus on anything else. I'm starting to wonder how long I can keep this up. However, the one thing I cannot do is socks. Might have something to do with needle size.