Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Even Bosley is bored

I'm almost finished with the tax papers shredding.  There is a bit more going on in my life, but not much.  I am trying to find an Affordable Care Act navigator to explore my options.  It is not straightforward.  

I joined the Elks Lodge and go over there a few times a week.  It is good to have a somewhat stable (mobility-wise) social group.  Croft and Norma will be happy to learn that I am getting accustomed to happy hour being from 3-5pm, not 6pm as my previous life dictated before retirement.

At the end of the month I will move... someplace.  Probably up in elevation and North.  Or, over to the Lodge RV park.  Free vs. cheap.  Leap of faith vs. known quantity.  Jury is still out.

Mom is doing really well, and despite the fact that her original incision on her face was, ummm, dramatic, she has healed to where it is not really noticeable.


  1. Happy hour 3- 5 is good, and free is wonderful enjoy the lifestyle int os amazing!

  2. A good thing to be happy every day, no matter what time! :)

  3. Sounds like you're in a sweet spot.
    Glad all is well.

  4. Shadow, there's a popular boondocking place two miles N of the freeway on 64 (EXIT 165 off I-40) that you might like. About 1.5 miles North of Kaibab Lake Camp Ground (water spigot at pit toilets near amphitheater) on the east side of the highway is Forest Rd 2082. It's small and the sign is on the far side of the cattle guard so it's easy to pass by (there's a concrete bridge about 500' south). But there're usually other folks around (in case you need help) and traffic & train noise make it only an over-nighter for me. But it might due for now & then.