Monday, December 18, 2017

A do-nothing day

I have no motivation.  I do think I need to get back on the Vitamin B12 pills more regularly again.  I had a busy weekend, but the RV is now sitting in my spot in the new park.  This park definitely has a different feel to it.  I will have to start going to the gym as there is no real place to walk around here.  It is a very small park.  There are also has a lot of dogs, which generally doesn’t bother me.  It was funny when a siren went by and every dog here started howling.  It was quite a chorus.  I think it will be less funny if it happens at 3am.

Yes, Bloggerfest is still a thing.  I can’t do much except talk about it until I get to Quartzsite in a few weeks.  If someone who is already at La Posa South could swing by the check in station and verify how to reserve the shelter for January 27 I would appreciate it.  I’ll be in the area January 9, but Murphy being what he is the earlier the shelter can be reserved the better.  Then again, it could add spice to the gathering if we share the shelter with a Hell’s Angels reunion.  For the Canadians in the audience, it is a motorcycle club.  Sort of.  Then used to do security for rock concerts.  I don’t think that ended well, though.

I am still knitting preemie hats.  I’m still going through stuff and trying to downsize.  I’m mostly sitting on the couch with Bosley the cat and playing games on my phone/computer.


  1. The pavilion can not be reserved through the front gate people, however if you tell them about it and someone else asks about it they will tell them it is booked already. They suggested to me to put a poster on the bulletin board at the pavilion stating the function and the date, and that should be pretty safe. Then show up early on the 27th and set up a couple chairs or something. That's what we did. By the way, our plans are changing daily so don't know if we will be there or not. There is really not a lot to do other than keep promoting it.

  2. That is good that Bloggerfest is still on , we will most likely be in the area later than you. So no help there. Rick and Kathy are there now though maybe they can check it out for you.

  3. We have Hell's Angles up here in Canada, along with all the other brands of MC clubs. Normally fairly harmless. :)

  4. LOL! Your posts are short but every time I visit I get caught up Spending an hour or so exploring the list of Blogs you frequent on the right hand side of your page.

  5. Sorry I missed this post but Kathy and I will see what we can do as far as reserving the Pavilion. We'll get back to you.
    Good Luck with your Knitting.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. How does your cat react to all the barking?