Saturday, July 28, 2018

Being a hermit

I spent a week at my Aunt’s place in MO.  I’ve been home since, getting things done.  I am now bored and hot.  I am in need of a road trip.  I’ll be loading up the Mazda3 and heading north in a few days to visit friends.  There may be more drive-by pictures as I head north.  If I stay true to my usual way to travel I’ll just head on up.  I will be passing some really pretty places and I have my Golden Geezers pass to get into the National Parks, so who knows.  This is part of my on-going experiment with how to travel now that I have no real time constraints.

I will ask a neighbor to come check Bosley.  She is an animal person so I’m sure he will be taken care of.  I bought bunches of cat food when I was last in the Valley, so he should be set.

Now to pack and clean the motor home so I can be gone a week or so.