Four Peaks in snow

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Life in Progress

The bike is back in the storage unit again for now, albeit nearer the front this time.  I ran down to Algodonez, Mexico last Thursday to get my first prescription.  I’m officially an Arizona retired stereotype now.  Smile  I let my prescription for my thyroid medicine run out by not remembering that the last refill needed to be done before the end of last month.  I’ll start the Mexican drugs after I run out of what I have.  I’m not expecting any issues.

After that I’ve started getting ready for Mom and I to drive to MO again, and head up to visit our friends in MN as well.  We are taking my car.  I needed to get a lot of details sorted (the medicine was only one of them) and we leave tomorrow morning.  I’m mostly packed, and if there is a break in the light rain soon I’ll put my stuff in the trunk.  Some of Mom’s stuff is already in the back seat.  We are taking coolers, sandwiches, water and Cokes.  Bosley will be watched over and fed by a neighbor.  I have plenty of food for him in the house to cover the time I’ll be away.  He won’t like it that I’m gone.  He is supposed to be my primary focus at all times, as far as he is concerned.

I’ll try to post from the road.   I don’t expect a lot of tourist stuff to happen, but who knows.  We really don’t have a schedule.


  1. Have a safe trip. Tell Mom hi for me.

  2. Safe Travels and Enjoy the trip with your Mom.

    It's abut time.

  3. Have a safe trip and a fun time. "Hi" to mom!

  4. May you both have a good and safe trip.

  5. Travel safe and enjoy the journey

  6. Have a great trip, and then blog about it when you get back!