Sunday, March 29, 2020

Picture of summer spot

I have been mostly recovering from the move since I got here.  I have gone back to the Valley 3 times.  Once for my mamogram cancer checkup (all is well), once to empty out the used shed I bought in my park down there so it can be moved to my site, and once to pick up a large order of yarn that I place before I realized I wouldn't be around to receive it.

I did a larger shop for Mom one of the times I was down there and the shelves were mostly stocked.  I did run into the item limits when I tried to buy 4 cans of pork and beans and the limit was 2.  Most everything else was available.   I haven't shopped up here yet so I don't know if I just happened at a time and place that worked.

The rest of my medical appointments have been canceled.  We will pick back up where we left off when life is back to normal.  It is only an hour and a bit drive down to the Valley, so being up here isn't a block to that.

I finished the shawl I was knitting.  I need to figure out how to block it and then I'll post a picture.  I like it.

That is mostly what is going on here.


  1. Good to see you up there and out of the hustle and bustle of the city. It will give both you and your mom some comfort to have you nearby.

    I did a medium - large grocery shop yesterday. The store was not very busy and everyone stayed a respectful distance from each other although six feet is impossible in the isles. I was surprised that although the shelves were nowhere near full they seemed to have everything just maybe not in your preferred brand. Signs were posted that quantities "could" be limited but did not give details. This "soft limiting" started after a couple in Vancouver went into a large grocery store and completely emptied the meat department. Fortunately some took photos and posted them on Facebook. They were quickly identified and they apologized and donated $1,000 to the food bank.

    I am staying healthy and staying home except for the very odd shopping trip. it is so much different being locked in with no one to talk to. Be careful, stay well and we will get through this.

  2. Sorry if you have answered this before...with my CRS it is difficult to remember...are you moving to this area permanently or is this just a spring/summer place?

    I am glad you are close to your mother in case she might need anything in these trying times.

  3. That looks like such a nice place...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  4. We're pretty much living life as we typically would, other than no classroom teaching for my wife. Loving the cheap gas prices at $1.35/gallon... but nowhere to go. We really wanted to make a cabin trip to west TX, but worried we might get stranded there if travel restrictions were enacted.
    Strange times.!