Four Peaks in snow

Thursday, June 24, 2021


We had 24 hrs of off and on gentle rain that modified the temperature and brought up the humidity.  Luckily there was little wind or lightening.  Fire situation seems to be under control for now, although the towns north of us are still evacuated.  Payson is pulling together to help the folks displaced.

Mom's move is winding down.  Not as much sold as is I'd like, but what is left next Monday will be donated.

The door to my fridge fell off this morning.  Too much wrong with this motorhome now, too much money needed to bring it up to standards.  Said I'm rv shopping.  Less than 20 min later I've committed to buying my manager's Pace Arrow motorhome that be hasn't got time to use.  Now, once Mom's apartment is cleaned out I'll start clearing out this motorhome so Callie, Bosley and I can move into it.

If it's not one thing it's another.


  1. Well, thus way you're staying out of some trouble.😁

  2. I was thinking about you this morning and realized I had not been checking my Blogger friends for a long time. Well, here you had posts I had missed! Sometimes it is just time to make a move and that is what you are doing. I hope all goes well and the new rig is all we hope it is. Pace Arrow is a good brand so hopefully it will serve you well and most important I hope the sale of your old rig happens quickly.

    It is good to see you are doing well and that your mom is as well, We so enjoyed the times we spent with her. Please give her my best. Lets not wait so long to catch up next time! I just posted today for the first time in... Ever.