Monday, September 18, 2023

First, Vacation(s) then moving

 I managed to move the '95 motorhome to Quartzsite a few weeks ago.  It was hot and I was not feeling well.  If not for help from 3 of my neighbors in Apache Junction I would not have been able to get the tow dolly hooked up and the car onto the dolly.  Mostly all I could do was sit on the steps of the motorhome and try to breathe.  I have never had that much trouble breathing before.  The drive over went fine.  Once there my friend who lives there year round, JimInDenver (solor guru extraordinaire), managed to get the car off the dolly and the dolly stored on the lot.  I had gone from not being able to breathe to lying on the couch dizzy with my left arm starting to cramp.  We went to the restaurant at the park I moved to and I sat in the air conditioning, drinking water and then eating.  I felt well enough after that to back the RV into the lot with Jim's help and just buttoned everything up and headed home in the air conditioned car.  If I had had any recurrence  of the breathing or chest pains I was going to head straight to an ER.  I made it fine, though.  May have been anxiety or something else.  I have no desire to go through putting the car on the dolly ever again, as I hate not being able to do something myself.  So, now I am happy I have 2 motorhomes and don't need to travel with them anymore.

On Wednesday I meet my friend Turtle Lady in Flagstaff.  She has driven her fitted out van from KY.  We will head up to Escalante, UT for 10 days, meeting some other friends there.  I'll camp in my car as I usually do.  This is our second time at this campground so there is less need to see EVERYTHING and I'm hoping to take it slow and maybe poke around to some of the places I missed last year.

A week home, then I go back up and meet other friends in Moab, UT for a week, also camping in my car in a campground.  I hope to go back to a couple of walks from last year and walk further this year.

Callie and Bosley will be taken care of by my neighbors, one of whom often reminds me he likes them better than he likes me.  I'm ok with that.

Everything else is going well.  I'm looking forward to getting to Quartzsite for this winter season.  I found a nice park on the edge of town that is half of the cost of the park in Apache Junction.  I have friends in Q and I hope to join in the town doings and also ramble around the area.


  1. Glad you survived the relocation.
    Great update.

  2. I'm happy to hear you are now set up for the winter in Q. Have fun in Utah.

  3. Let us know you are ok! We follow you when you post! Kathy!